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Watching your finances when unemployed.

I previously wrote a post called “my finances – where the hell do I start” – looking back at that post has been a great inspiration to me recently.  Between my recent unemployment and the fact that we are approaching … Continue reading

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Weight Watcher Wednesday – A new meal for you to try

I am not going to diary my thoughts today about my weight loss. I completed a post on Monday regarding the organisation for me around my weight loss.  So I am going to give you a meal that you can … Continue reading

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Organising My Weight Loss

You will remember last week I spoke about how I am struggling with my weight loss.  In fact right now I am going back to day one and starting all over again.  Not weight wise – weight wise I am … Continue reading

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Weight Watchers – I’m Struggling!

At any given stage with weight loss, people struggle and at the moment I am struggling. I am currently at home and not working which means I am constantly walking to the cupboard and taking either a biscuit or a … Continue reading

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What exercise are you doing to stay in shape?

When I first joined Weight Watchers I dreaded the word exercise.  I had seen people who were much skinnier and fitter than me going to the gym, running or walking to keep fit.  At that point I felt like I … Continue reading

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My reasons for joining Weight Watchers.

Anyone that is even contemplating joining Weight Watchers has a defining moment when they say “enough is enough”.  For some it is standing in a changing room of a store and something doesn’t fit and you say “it’s ok – … Continue reading

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Alittle Thoughful Moment

After yesterday post about getting back on the Weight Watcher Wagon I thought this was the most apt post for Thoughtful Thursday.

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