I found a home!

Hi everyone,

I have found somewhere to live. As much as I have loved living in the hotel, it was time that I found somewhere to live.  Commuting from the hotel to work was a little bit of a drag but I am living somewhere … with a door that I open with an actual key.    Also, living somewhere that I couldn’t cook for myself was making me gain weight… and we all know that I am not a fan of weight gain.

When I started work I met a girl at my orientation who had worked for the college for a number of years.    We clicked and have become very good friends.  Jenny moved to Boston a number of years ago and has settled in to life quite well.   As she says herself a number of relationships but nothing worth flying all the way back home to Texas in order to endure her parents.  Her words not mine.   Jenny was showing me around campus, we went to lunch on my first day and kinda clicked so met every other day for lucnh. Jenny doesn’t work in my department and works in another department at the other side of the campus but it was nice to make a friend so early after my arrival and the start of my job.

Jenny was giving me advice on best places to live and places to look at. She even drove me to a few places after work. She is extremely nice, and the kind of person who is so nice all of the time you are waiting for her to explode. its ok I have said this to her a number of times and she laughs at me saying I am happy, life is good, so why be sad.  you got to admit the girl is right …. even though a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have agreed with her.

When her room mate said that she was moving back home to Wisconsin and wasn’t going to be living there come the end of June.  Bad news for Jenny, but good news for me.  Jenny offered me a room at her place and the rest is history.   It turns out that Jennys now ex room mate was fired from her job on campus and has left some debt behind her from her friends. Luckily Jenny wasn’t affected or owed money, but it is horrible for Jenny to think that she thought she knew someone but she didn’t really know her at all.  I feel for Jenny in this way, as she thinks people are looking at her knowing that she knew the scams her ex room mate was pulling. She didn’t.  But her leaving means there is a room for me, and more importantly a home.

I have moved to the suburb of cambridge, and although only here a few days I get a lovely homely sense about this place.  The houses are amazing. I couldn’t believe when Jenny drove up to the house and said this is it.  I said to her that she was joking it had to be a joke, the house was amazing.  The house huge . . . the house was scarily under priced in rent value if you ask me. But hey I live here now so  i am not complaining.  Although living in on a street where the word pond is in the name i am not sure it rolls with my style. lol but apparently this is a very classy area and one of the best in cambridge.

I am still getting to know this area but i know already that is indeed a classy area and possibly a D4 area if we are to relate this to Ireland. I have to say the neighbours are quite cute too .. but more to follow on that one in my next blog post.


About My Next Endeavour

Hi everyone, Two words everyone reading this blog needs to know about me - Change and Positivity. I'm recently unemployed but discovering a love of new things and a new me is emerging. I am in my mid 30;s and created this little piece of ths internet just for me. Maybe it will be rambling but maybe it will inspire me and others who are going through unemployment in these awful times to keep busy and learn something new that will assist you further in life. Please feel free to email me or comment on any of my posts. Let me know that you are out there. Mynextendeavour@gmail.com S
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