Managing your job search

When you first start looking for a job it is hard to know where to start.  There are so many places to look for a job and it is hard to know where exactly to start.  The whole thing baffled me to the point that I cried my eyes out when I first started looking.  What I learned from my job search is that you need a plan – and you need to be organised.

How do you get your plan?

To get your plan you need to do know what type of job you are looking for – are you looking locally or beyond?      This will help narrow everything down to local newspapers or to an online search.

What do you need?

You need to look at what your exact requirements are that will help with your job search so as above with your plan – you need to think of a few things – if this is a local search and will require access to local papers do you have the money for them.  And secondly when do the newspapers hit the shelves so that you can get it straight away and get your CV in first to any place.

Next you need to look online – what recruitment or even company websites do you need to keep track of and have access to.

The online part of this will take up some time on you so please take your time, a day or so and get yourself ready for your job search. Don’t rush in and apply for every job you see on a hundred different websites just because you are desperate. Take your time and keep looking until you have what you are looking for.  The same is said for recruitment websites, while I am not an overall fan of recruitment websites I do believe that they will help and point you to skills and companies that are recruiting.  Maybe I should give a separate post on my despise of these websites.  Anyway I am digressing.

Register for these websites if necessary, set up job alerts and be ready with your CV to apply.

 Than you need to look at the resources that you have available and too hand at that and any given moment. So for example do you need a local newspaper for their jobs page – if so, budget yourself so that you can your local papers.  Do you need access to certain websites, do you need a log in for these sites – if so than settle yourself down and get access to all these sites in one go.

Some will ask you to upload your CV –this of course if your own choice and if you do choose to upload your cv make sure it is best version and one that will show off all your skills no matter what type of job you are applying for. Unfortunately your CV will need to be generic but it will help get you showcased.

Next create an excel spreadsheet tracker of your applications which covers the following headings:

Date you applied, company applied to, contact name, name of position, date advertised and date application is closing.

Finally finish off your spreadsheet with a simple yes or no column confirming that you have saved the job specification someplace.   Always save a copy of the job description of the position that you have applied for, because when it comes to interview you need to be able to reference back to this and it will have gone from the website.   Make sure that when you apply for a position that you get some confirmation either via email or on the page itself that you have applied for the position, save this in your email or print the page in case you are required to proof to social welfare or another third party that you are applying for a position.

When you have the above created and ready to go , you are then ready to start your job search with confidence and a plan.

Next you need a daily plan along with a weekly target of jobs that you are applying to. I made it my business to apply for at least three jobs a week that I wanted.   I am a procrastinator  by nature so I needed to set myself a target number for jobs to apply for, if not I probably wouldn’t apply for anything.   Then take an hour or two a day to search through the websites you have listed and registered for and to review the newspapers.

Be methodical about your job search and do it daily so as you know that you are not going to miss anything that is new to the jobs market.

Most of all don’t lose heart when it comes to the job search. It can be disheartening but you need to have perseverance, and you need to know that the right job will come up for you at the right time and in the mean time while you are waiting – learn something new and expand your knowledge.

Have you any tips on job searching?




About My Next Endeavour

Hi everyone, Two words everyone reading this blog needs to know about me - Change and Positivity. I'm recently unemployed but discovering a love of new things and a new me is emerging. I am in my mid 30;s and created this little piece of ths internet just for me. Maybe it will be rambling but maybe it will inspire me and others who are going through unemployment in these awful times to keep busy and learn something new that will assist you further in life. Please feel free to email me or comment on any of my posts. Let me know that you are out there. S
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