Baking Essentials for the beginner!

Baking Essentials for a beginner – where do you start? A few months ago I hadn’t a clue when I started a new hobby. Who dobaking-toolses know and where do you actually find out? Hadn’t a clue.   As I have started slowly with baking I have bought as the recipes needed and required.  Some items I already had in the cupboard but most of the critical items I need to buy.

I figured by buying these as I go along it will be more cost effective, plus I don’t know how long I will keep this up as a hobby.  I am not known for my persistence with things so I figured cheap was the way to go.

So my baking basics essentials are:

Weighing scalesWeighing Scales

This is a small basic little genius of weighing scales.  I purchased it in Tesco for less than 8euro.   I would recommend if you are going to buy this, open it in the shop to ensure it works. This was my second one as the needle on the first was not attached at all! There was no problem with Tesco replacing it but it was such as hassle when I was ready to bake my first apple tart / pie.

Mixing bowlMixing Bowl

Another Tesco gem – I purchased this for a couple of euro.  Can’t remember the price exactly but it was no more than 5euro.  Plain simple easy bowl.


Already had this in the cupboard.Grater

Oven Tray

Already had this for normal cooking so re-using for baking.

Oven Platepin and plate

Already had this for normal cooking so re-using for baking.

Rolling Pin

Tesco 5euro! simples!


Another Tesco gem for a couple of euro.

Measuring Jug and wooden spoon

Well who doesn’t have these in their cupboard already.jug and spoon

These are just a few little things that I am using to start off my little baking hobby.  As my hobby and skills develop I am sure that I will add to this little treasure trove, but for now and for anyone who like me is starting off with baking these are few essential items at a great price which will help get you started.

If you are a baker, is there is anything else that I need?


About My Next Endeavour

Hi everyone, Two words everyone reading this blog needs to know about me - Change and Positivity. I'm recently unemployed but discovering a love of new things and a new me is emerging. I am in my mid 30;s and created this little piece of ths internet just for me. Maybe it will be rambling but maybe it will inspire me and others who are going through unemployment in these awful times to keep busy and learn something new that will assist you further in life. Please feel free to email me or comment on any of my posts. Let me know that you are out there. S
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One Response to Baking Essentials for the beginner!

  1. anna3101 says:

    The only thing you really need is inspiration 🙂 I didn’t have most of those things when I started to experiment with baking, now I have most of them, but still I think what really matters is that you want to do it and you love it!

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