Odlums Brown Scones – Baking made simple!

I have always loved baking and cooking shows.  I love how easy they make it look to bake and make something fantastic.  Being between jobs aka unemployed I decided now was as good a time as ever to try and bake something.  Having absolutely no baking utensils I decided to start off slowly and make some easy bake scones. 
Easy bake scones I hear you say, crazy but it was a packet and you just added water.  Yes, that simple.   But having only ever made chocolate rice krispies buns from school days I figured starting easy was the best way to go.    And now, I have found a passion and a hobby that I am actually quite good at. 
Ok so I have started off really slowly by making scones from a packet.  But I can’t believe how easy it and how much I loved baking so much.  So much so I made an apple tart recently.    I will blog about that another time, but for now I will tell you how my brown scones worked out and how easy they are to make.
I bought a packet of Odlums Brown Scone Mix in my local tesco supermarket and read the simple easy instructions.  Just add water! 
I put the mix in a bowl and added the water and knead the scone mix until it was dough. I rolled it out and as I didn’t have a cookie cutter I used a knife to divide up the mix.  I used my hands to round off the dough in to a scone shape.  Popped in the over for 15 minutes and badddaa boom – I made scones that turned out pretty darn good.  Take a look here at my results.
I know this was an easy start but it gave the pride and knowledge to know that I can do it.  It gave me the pride to know that I can start a new hobby at 35 and be good at it. 
Look at how fantastic they turned out!  Yes I had already taken one to sample from this little bundle of loveliness. For those wondering I worked out that there is 6 ProPoints per scone.
Obviously being on weight watchers I am being careful about what I am going to bake and cook – but I hope to find some fantastic recipes to share here on my blog and hopefully make a nice little recipe book to share with you all.
What do you like to bake?  Do you have anything easy to recommend that I can try?  Link me up in the comments.

About My Next Endeavour

Hi everyone, Two words everyone reading this blog needs to know about me - Change and Positivity. I'm recently unemployed but discovering a love of new things and a new me is emerging. I am in my mid 30;s and created this little piece of ths internet just for me. Maybe it will be rambling but maybe it will inspire me and others who are going through unemployment in these awful times to keep busy and learn something new that will assist you further in life. Please feel free to email me or comment on any of my posts. Let me know that you are out there. Mynextendeavour@gmail.com S
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