Weight Watcher Wednesday – A new meal for you to try

I am not going to diary my thoughts today about my weight loss. I completed a post on Monday regarding the organisation for me around my weight loss.  So I am going to give you a meal that you can try out. 
I have made this myself and it is wonderful – please try and let me know how you get on. 
1 large thin pita bread (150 calories) 
1/4 cup pizza sauce 
1/4 cup mushroom 1
/4 cup green pepper 
10 small black olives 
1/2 cup kraft fat free mozzarella cheese (other brands don’t taste as good and don’t melt as KRAFT cheese does) 
2 teaspoons parmesan cheese 
1 pinch pizza seasoning or 1 pinch oregano
( change around the vegetables to suit what you would like to have – I have used peppers, mushrooms and onions. )
1 Spread pizza sauce on pita. 
2 Lay on the vegetables first so it is held together by the cheese. Top with both mozzarella and parmesan cheese and seasoning. 
3 Spray cooking spray lightly over cheese. 
4 Set oven on broil and place in oven for 2 minutes or until cheese looks mostly melted.
Let me know how you get on and any tweaks to this amazing meal.

About My Next Endeavour

Hi everyone, Two words everyone reading this blog needs to know about me - Change and Positivity. I'm recently unemployed but discovering a love of new things and a new me is emerging. I am in my mid 30;s and created this little piece of ths internet just for me. Maybe it will be rambling but maybe it will inspire me and others who are going through unemployment in these awful times to keep busy and learn something new that will assist you further in life. Please feel free to email me or comment on any of my posts. Let me know that you are out there. Mynextendeavour@gmail.com S
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