Beauty Flash Balm Review

This is a must have in your beauty case! Ok so it is not on the cheap and cheerful front which I normally love but it is an amazing product that does three jobs.
It is a makeup primer, face mask and a skin glower ( will explain this one ) 
I use this for special occasions or when I want to give my skin that little perk up when it is looking grey and dull. 
Make up primer
Put on your normal moisturiser and give it time to settle in to your skin as always.    Next – take a little … yes a little beauty flash balm – rub it between your hands so that it warms alittle and then rub on to your face.  I normally add this to certain spots rather than all over.  My little danger zones as I call them are under my eyes and the side of my nose.  I then put my make up on straight over it.    It gives my skin a wonderful glow and sheen and makes it look wonderful and dewy.  I find using it makes my make up stay fresh all day long.
Face Mask
Using this product as a face mask will make your skin feel wonderful, clean and fresh.  Take double what you would as a primer.     And rub this on to your clean skin.  Leave this on your skin for approximately five or ten minutes.  Like a normal face mask, you will feel it tighten and dry on to your skin.  After your time is up – wash it off.  Ensure that you take all traces off it from your face.  You will notice a wonderful sheen and cleanliness to your face.  It also helps clean out your pores of all the daily gunk as any other face mask would.  I would only recommend using this as a mask once a month at the most.
Skin Glower
Yes this is a new technical term that I have just created!  You know those days when you don’t wear any make up but your skin still looks dull and meh! Well take some beauty flash balm and place it in those areas that need alittle more attention and brightening up. For me I dab a little under my eyes and on my cheeks and voila I look healthier already.
Have you used beauty flash balm before? What do you think of it?  Any other tips and tricks for it or other products that I should try – leave a note in the comments as I would love to hear from you.

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